Submit Query & Manuscript Form

Submit Query & Manuscript Form

BSP enables you to submit a query and manuscript using a form which must be filled out completely, offering a description of the manuscript you wish to have published.

BSP will read your manuscript and evaluate its potential for publication. If we feel it would be a project we would like to sponsor, we will send you an offer letter and contract to publish it. If your work is published through BSP, we will pay a portion of the printing, distribution, storage, and marketing/promotion. We will also distribute royalties to your account for each unit sold on a quarterly basis in accordance with all terms and conditions of the contract. In addition, we will send you quarterly reports providing you with the sales status of your book.

Please Answer All of the Questions Below:


Thank you for your submission to BSP. Please pay the submission fee via Paypal. Then we wil contact you after we have reviewed your document(s).

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