Ghost Writing Services

Ghost Writing Services

"Everyone has a book inside them." But not everyone is a writer. Therefore, if you have great ideas for a compelling story, but don't have the time, patience, or skill to bring your idea to print, BSP can help you by writing a first draft for you. A BSP writer can write your book for you after you have supplied your idea to us. To have BSP write your manuscript, a fee of $1,645  is required via PayPal. You will own the rights to the manuscript and may sell it to anyone or any entity who may want it.

To login to the BSP website and upload documents click the Upload Documents button below.  You will be prompted to login.  For login purposes, the username is: Submissions and the password is: Password.

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You must pay the submission fee of $1,645.00 via Paypal for BSP to write your first draft of your book idea.

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Thank you for your submission to BSP. Please pay the submission fee via Paypal. Then we wil contact you after we have reviewed your document(s).

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