Grants & Donations

Grants and Benevolent Fund Donations

Donations to the Benevolent Fund are awarded to promising authors in an effort to encourage their commitment to the literary arts. Monetary grants are bestowed to selected authors based on the quality of their short stories. Special attention is given to young authors who are not yet published.

Win a $100.00 Grant

Anyone under the age of 22 may submit their originally-written short story. Each calendar year, BSP will identify winners and honorable mentions based on the merits of submitted short stories it receives. Short stories may be any length between 1 and 15 pages. The number of recipients awarded grants in the amount of $100 will be based on the amount of funds accumulated in the BSP Benevolent Fund. To ensure the integrity of the program, all submitters and their legal guardians/parents hereby agree to the requirements of the grant program, which include the following: the author of the submitted work must be the sole author of it, be under the age of 22, and agree to have their name publicized as the recipient of a grant or honorable mention. For those authors between the ages of 18 and 22, parental approval is not required.

Donations may be any amount above $25.00. All donations are rounded to the nearest dollar.


To make a donation simply click the Paypal button where you will be directed to Paypal to login or create a Paypal account.

Donate With Paypal

Donate With Paypal




(If you are under 18 years of age you must have parental consent to make your donation and also by making your donation below via Paypal you acknowledge also that you do have parental consent.)

Submit Short Story for Grant

You may submit a short story to be considered for a grant whether you make a donation or not.  Send your short stories by using the Upload Documents button below.

You will be prompted to login.  For login purposes, the username is: Submissions and the password is: Password.

Upload Documents

Thank you for your submission to BSP. Please pay the submission fee via Paypal. Then we wil contact you after we have reviewed your document(s).

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