Genealogy: Biography Services

Genealogy: Biography Services

Write My Biography For Me...

Send us the subject’s name, contact information, and any notes you may want to share. We will interview that person and write his/her biography. Includes artful layout of family photographs.

You don't have to be rich or famous to want to document your life's imprint on society. As people age, we tend to reflect upon our lives and wonder if we will leave an adequate legacy. When you pass away, your offspring will miss you and will be sure to tell stories about you to your grandchildren. But with each passing generation, the stories become fainter and details of your life lessons lost. To ensure your grandchildren get to know who you really are and to address all of memories you cherish, many seniors work with a professional biographer to capture the highs and lows, the memorable moments, the key turning points, and lessons learned over the evolution of their lives. If you want to make sure your legacy is clearly and artfully handed down for generations, BSP can help you. We are proud to provide this unique and customized service for a very reasonable fee of $500 for the first interview session and $300 for each successive session. Each interview session lasts about one and a half hours. The writing, editing, and layout of your biography may take six to nine weeks to complete. All biographies are reviewed by clients for discretionary changes, which are included in fee.

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Genealogy: Biographical Services

Thank you for your submission to BSP. Please pay the submission fee via Paypal. Then we wil contact you after we have reviewed your document(s).

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