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Best Seller Publications, LLC (BSP) is headquartered in Germantown, Maryland. If you have any questions or comments for BSP, please fill out the form below and submit your questions and/or comments directly to BSP.

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About BSP

Best Seller Publications, LLC  is a book publishing company that considers all submitted queries for review and evaluation. For manuscripts that are selected, BSP offers those authors a book publishing contract which provides them with financial backing and generous royalties for books sold in brick/mortar and online venues.

BSP was initially established as an incorporated business in 1996, but was re-established as a limited liability company that serves its clientele via its website, Through our website, we offer editorial assistance for those who request it. We also sponsor an annual awards contest and provide a free newsletter.

BSP prides itself as a responsible and responsive publishing company that affords authors a realistic chance to get published. For authors who are tired of sending hundreds of queries to literary agents and publishers only to receive rejection notices or no response at all, contact BSP for a serious opportunity to see your literary work published and for sale.


Best Seller Publications, LLC

After an author is offered and accepts a publishing contract with BSP, we directly pay for the printing, marketing, storage, and distribution costs for the book’s entry into the market place. BSP also offers fee-based editorial support services, if desired. BSP awards generous royalty benefit packages and selects the best manuscripts to give authors a much higher chance of getting published without the expense and hassle of self-publishing.

Get Royalties

Royalty checks will be disbursed to non-PO Box addresses of BSP authors based on their unit sales on a quarterly basis in accordance with the terms and conditions of their book contract with BSP. In addition to a BSP Royalty Check, you will be provided with a report that indicates units sold, returns, royalty totals, debits, any planned marketing actions, and other Publisher/Author communications that may be important. Reports will be sent to BSP authors soon after March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31 of each calendar year.

Thank you for your submission to BSP. Please pay the submission fee via Paypal. Then we wil contact you after we have reviewed your document(s).

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